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Size Guide

80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Is this you?

Our sizing is based off leading lingerie brand measurements, so we recommend purchasing the size of your most comfortable and supportive bra. Our tops should fit as well as your bras, if not better! Swimwear fabric naturally stretches overtime and grows in water so our styles are made to fit firm, but don’t worry the fit is true to size.

If you’re unsure of your size (80% of you), our fit experts are here to help. Contact us for a personalised online fitting to determine the right size and style for your unique shape.

International Size Conversion

Tops/One Pieces
8DD 30DD 30DD 65E 80E
8E 30DDD 30E 65F 80F
8F 30G 30F 65G 80G
8FF 30H 30FF 65H 80H
8G 30I 30G 65I 80I
10D 32D 32D 70D 85D
10DD 32DD 32DD 70E 85E
10E 32DDD 32E 70F 85F
10F 32G 32F 70G 85G
10FF 32H 32FF 70H 85H
10G 32I 32G 70I 85I
12D 34D 34D 75D 90D
12DD 34DD 34DD 75E 90E
12E 34DDD 34E 75F 90F
12F 34G 34F 75G 90G
12FF 34H 34FF 75H 90H
12G 34I 34G 75I 90I
14D 36D 36D 80D 95D
14DD 36DD 36DD 80E 95E
14E 36DDD 36E 80F 95F
14F 36G 36F 80G 95G
14FF 36H 36FF 80H 95H
14G 36I 36G 80I 95I
16D 38D 38D 85D 100D
16DD 38DD 38DD 85E 100E
16E 38DDD 38E 85F 100F
16F 38G 38F 85G 100G
8 4 8 36
10 6 10 38
12 8 12 40
14 10 14 42
16 12 16 44