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01 — The Story

The Fold, a creative collaboration between Melbourne designers and lifelong friends Carly (10E) and Stephanie (10DD) launched exclusively online for D+ women in 2017.

Motivated by our own experiences of being self-conscious at the beach, and a frustration with the market’s poor offering, we set out to liberate ourselves and other women with a range that is not only supportive and comfortable for larger cup sizes, but is flattering and functional too.

Determined to offer women more than the small and uninspiring selection of ill fitting and unsupportive D+ contraptions, we devoted three years to crafting the perfect swimwear with a focus on small backs and large busts.

02 — Design philosophy

Based in Melbourne, The Fold artfully and technically redefines staple pieces into paired back swimwear styles. We’ve gone back to basics using lingerie sizing and construction techniques to form the base of every design. Our pieces fuse fit, function and design ensuring all styles are supportive and are designed with a consciousness of the female form.

Our inherent appreciation for design and craftsmanship has inspired us to collaborate with a different artist every season to create one of a kind, limited edition prints.

03 — The experience

As D+ women we understand how difficult swimwear shopping can be. So, we are here to help with an online experience designed to praise curves and avoid everything we find inhibiting.

  • At The Fold we understand women are not always the same size on the top and bottom so styles are sold as separates.
  • Tops are offered in sizes that you understand, your cup size, so there will be no surprises, it will actually fit!
  • A create option is available for customers to visually mix and match for a customized set.
  • We only represent our pieces on D+ women so don’t worry, what you see is what you’ll receive.